You put the boom boom into the durr was the eighteenth episode of the YoGPoD. It was created and produced by Simon and Lewis.

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"Milkmen, ricicles, songs about werewolves and vyrian reviews District 9!"

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There will be casual swearing involved. You have been warned.

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Simon: Wouldn't it be terrible! You know, there's like a crazy, old, lepper-man and he really needs to get off and so he just starts whacking it.

Lewis: Right, let's just not...

Simon: But, you know, his hand just goes flying off.

Lewis: *Laughing* His hand goes flying off!

(Lewis and Simon laugh)

Lewis: Wow...

Simon: So he's just there with, like, his wrist. His, like stuff and... Yeah.

Lewis: The thing is that he would use his other hand. He'd go and collect that dead hand and it would be like...

Simon: Oh, no!

Lewis: And what's that called when you use the dead... When you, like, sleep on your arm, and you...

Simon: Oh, no! Don't!

Hannah: Get off!

Lewis: What's that called? No, what's it called? When you...

Hannah: It's what sonars used to do.

Duncan: It's called a stranger.

Lewis: You know, in the morning.

Simon: Oh, no, Lalna!

Lewis: I don't think it's called a stranger.

Hannah: There is something called dead-arm syndrome.

Lewis: It's got a name, though.

Simon: Urgh. That poor leper... What about that guy, um. That, like, crazy Islamic extremist cleric who's got the hook for a hand?

Lewis: Abu Hamza?

Simon: What do you reckon he does? he's got to be very careful, doesn't he?...Do you think he puts like a pork chop onto the hook?

Lewis: That is horrible!...He probably has an additonal screw-on attatchment, it's like a, it's like a fleshlight, attatchment.. to his hand.

Simon: Oh no! Oh, ugh!

Lewis: Can you imagine if he accidentally came to like, the mosque one morning, and he had forgotten to change, change his hand attatchment...and he put-

Simon: He like shakes hands with people and says "Yeah, Yeah Yeah, it's a lovely morning!"

(Lewis and Simon laugh)

Intro Music

Lewis: Okay, um...

Simon: Should we just talk about, how, there aren't those Rice Krispies with sugar on anymore? What were they called?

Lewis: Ricicles?

Simon Ricicles! Ricicles are just Rice Krispies with sugar on. and Coco Pops are darky Rice Krispies.

Lewis: Yeah. When we were kids, like, this was such a long time ago, that there were different stuff. Do you remember Lucky Charms? The were like, this like, cereal with lumps of marshmallow in them. Do you remember those?

Simon: Yes, yes. Very American cereal, even though it's kinda like got this Irish theme to it.

Lewis: But they got like...

Simon: America

Lewis: They stopped making them after a while. And there was all sorts of, like, um, sweets, chocolate bars. Like do you remember when all news agent used to have penny sweets? *Laughs* Oh god, how old do I sound?!

[Timestamp - 3:02]