Yognau(gh)t is the umbrella term for fans of the Yogscast. Every Yognau(gh)t's name is Dave! and, upon meeting another fan in the wild, are obliged to perform the Yognau(gh)t salute, which involves saluting like Rimmer from Red Dwarf, stating your name, Dave! Yognau(gh)t, and claiming you have the balls. The term was originally created in YoGPoD 8: Dave Yogpod and later updated in YoGPoD 26: Your Grandad Was A Bee?

There are three main branches of the Yognau(gh)ts:

  • Those who prefer Lewis are known as Yognauts, as in "astronaut" or "aeronaut".
  • Fans who are more of a Simon person are known as Yognaughts, with "naught" literally meaning "zero" or "nil".
  • A third category of "Yognau(gh)ts" exists for those who have no profound preference for either member. One Yognau(gh)t from this category spelt Yognau(gh)t as "Yognort," (as said in letters from the Yognau(gh)ts) however, Lewis and Simon said that "you can't do that," after reading the e-mail.

As the term was originally coined by Lewis, Yognaut is usually deemed the "correct" spelling, while Simon's spelling was largely spawned out of the humour of being unable to spell their own made-up word correctly.

A number of Yognau(gh)ts have been banned from contacting the Yogscast, often for writing in with ridiculous, long-winded stories. This list is including, but not limited to, Bart Hidgemans (spelling unknown), a Yognau(gh)t who apparently hospitalised his little brother after he frightened him with a sheet over his head, and the user Pewpewpew (whose ban was later lifted after Lewis and Simon listened to his music). It is unknown whether Simon's personal stalker Rasmus has been banned from contacting the YoGPoD, however he was not allowed to join the 1956 Club as he was only 13 at the time of its creation.