Tina Barrett
Tina Barrett (PD)
Gender Female
Nationality British
Occupation Singer-songwriter and actress

Tina Ann Barrett (born 16 September 1976) is a London based singer-songwriter and actress. Her first breakthrough came in 1999, at the age of 21, when she became a member of the pop group/band S Club 7, where she enjoyed five years of hit record singles, arena tours and awards, including two Brit Awards. Her major breakthrough however came ten years later in 2009... when she was mentioned in the YoGPoD. In recent years, she has given rise to a new sport known as "spam Tina Barrett's MySpace page". Simon himself has said that only the Yogscast would talk about a person, who is not even famous, and has not been remotely for years.


Tina Barrett has been an ongoing subject of the YoGPoD since episode three (though it was mentioned that she was discussed in the unreleased pilot episode. Initially, Lewis and Simon wanted Yognau(gh)ts to use her Myspace page as a YoGPoD message board, however the obsession began to grow gradually, especially for Simon. It was suggested by Simon in one episode of the podcast that Yognau(gh)ts should smear their own feces on Tina's door in order to get her attention. Simon's obsession began to waver after he heard the demo of her new single on her Myspace page, which he didn't like all too much, causing Simon to change his opinion and state that Hannah Spearritt was his favourite member of S-Club 7. The obsession died-down even further after Simon discovered that in 2003 a man was sent to prison for six months after stalking and threatening her.

Simon also visited a website that suggested that the 'S' in S-Club stood for 'Satan' and that Tina and the other six members were the embodiment of evil.

Tina is known to be a member of the forums on the YoGPoD's official fansite (The Yogiverse) and speculation has arisen as to her involvement with future Yogscast productions. Her page can be found here Tina Barrett on Yogiverse.

In the Podcast 'Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness', Tina asked Simon through the Ustream chat to suggest a name for her new puppy. Simon suggested the name Simon for her new puppy, but unfortunately this audio which was part of the "answering viewers questions" section of the show was cut from the iTunes version of the YogPod.

Tina Barrett also featured in two YoGPoD liners, one in which Simon barely manages to imitate her through his laughter and another fan submission in which a robotic voice states that she is Tina Barrett.

Involvement in the YogscastEdit

After the split of S club 7, Tina's solo career struggled to take off. Her solo album (currently untitled), is yet to be launched, but several singles from the album have been performed live at her various concerts. When these singles were posted onto her Myspace page, a Tina Barrett 'fan boy', by the name of Simon Lane, took an interest in Tina's music and 'recommended' it on his and Lewis Brindley's hit Podcast, the 'YogPod'. Very suddenly, in January 2011, Tina received a random burst of recognition, estimated to have originated from Simon's obsession. After hearing of this, Tina Barrett has taken a large interest in discovering the man that goes by the alias, 'Honeydew', and vows that if she were to ever meet this ginger beast, she would reward him 'handsomely'. Yognaughts, or 'Yognauts', have estimated that Simon cannot currently see to Tina Barrett's interest in him, as he is working verily on finding a lost Warwick Davis, last seen in Simon's kitchen, washing up.

Note: Warwick has eventually been found after a long journey out of the sewers beneath Simon's house, during which he grew as a person (unfortunately not in the literal sense) and defeated a dragon.

Lewis once discovered a fake nude photograph of Tina Barrett, which Simon suggested sending to her by email on two occasions; firstly in Toaster Bags and Tina Barrett and secondly in Your Grandad Was A Bee?

Quotes Edit

  • "Ooh, hello. I'm Tina Barrett formerly of S Club 7. I still have yet to release my... my debut solo album because, it's not really going very well, but, um, in the meanwhile I like to listen to the YoGPoD. Ooh, it's, it's really good, ooh... Lewis and Simon... are really amazing. Goodbye."
  • (Robotic Voice) "Hello, I'm Tina Barrett from S Club 7 and I listen to the YoGPoD."