Sips acting as Pretty Margaret the Orc Bard in Yogsquest 1

Sips (real name Chris Lovasz) is a Canadian member of the Yogscast, who made an infamous appearance in episode two of the YoGPoD - Sipsgate. He has a son called Poopfeast 420, after an individual who donated a great amount of money to the 2011 Christmas Livestreams.

In the YoGPoD Edit

Sips made his inaugural appearance in episode two of the YoGPoD, the infamous Sipsgate. In the episode, Lewis repeatedly phoned Sips, while being egged-on by Yohi and Simon, after Sips made it known that they should only contact him on his phone in the case of an emergency to do with the website. Sips also appeared in the second (though unfinished) D&D playthrough, where he played a character called Dr. Caesar's Palace MD. Following the D&D podcast, Sips appeared in episodes 40 and 41 which were also uploaded to Sips' YouTube channel, in the form of his 'Question Time with Sips' series.

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