Simon has mentioned a number of his uncles on the podcast.
  • Bill The Farmer - One of Simon's uncles works as a farmer and has a very strong West Country accent. He's also afraid of spiders, which Simon joked at in one of the YoGPoD jingles. According to Simon, at the time of the Snowcast, Uncle Bill would have been in his 80s, however even when he was younger he still looked like he was 80.
  • Another of Simon's uncles works with aeroplanes, likely as an engineer. When Lewis brought up his own uncle's world record in creating the world's smallest cutaway plane, he asked Simon whether or not they should get their two uncles to meet up because of their mutual interest in aviation, to which Simon replied "My uncle ain't gay."
  • Simon's Magic Uncle - This uncle was subject to the creation of a video game that was given to Simon by one of his friends. Upon loading up 'Simon's Magic Uncle', Simon was met with a teletext-style image of his uncle completely naked. It's not known whether this is either of the two formerly mentioned uncles.