Nordrassil Radio was a gaming-related internet radio station active from 2010 until 2013, on which Lewis and Simon starred on two occasions. Firstly in November 2010, where they appeared on the show for a two-hour-long interview with Stayven of Ensidia, and secondly for YoGPoD 37, where they hosted a two-hour-long show. The show has also featured other notable internet personalities, such as TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox.

The show took its name from the synonymous location in World of Warcraft, which serves as capital city for the Night Elf race.

Nordrassil Radio is now closed due to a split in leadership and a decline in viewership. In 2014 Morfar the founder (but no longer CEO at this time) died of a heart attack in Thailand, this was the last nail in the coffin for Nordrassil Radio whose old DJ's and personalities can now be found in multiple other organisations.

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