Nick Fuckface was a name made-up by Simon that he often used in the YoGPoD to describe the average Yognau(gh)t daredevil. Anyone who wrote in to the podcast was given this name by Simon as a title of honour. The original Nick Fuckface was the first person to use the "I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t and I have the balls" salute, prior to his incredible feats as a foolhardy, yet brave jackass, the salute was just "I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t". His story was featured in YoGPoD 32.

Nick Fuckface was solely responsible for the destruction of Australia, as when he opened the can which he threw at a wall, it exploded and then imploded, creating a short-lived supermassive black hole that sucked in all of Australia. All that remained of Australia after the event was a small rock in the middle of the ocean, on which sat Nick Fuckface with his computer which he used to e-mail Simon and Lewis.

Dave Fuckface Edit

This name was used by Simon in YoGPoD 11 as the author of a fictional book entitled "Jeremy and the Space Niggers" or "The Adventures of Jeremy vs the Space Niggers", which Simon came up with when mocking a Scholastics book competition for aspiring authors.

Felicity Felcher-Fuckface Edit

Felicity Felcher (née Fuckface) was the husband of Tarquin Felcher. Simon mentioned them in YoGPoD 25. According to him, they're Lewis's friends that he plays weird New Year's party games with.