My mum bought me a troll was the thirty-fourth episode of the YoGPoD, released on 20th August 2010. The episode is 55 minutes and 59 seconds in length and was created and produced by Simon and Lewis.

The episode opened with a fan-made song by Alex Arnoldsson and Axel Dyberg and mostly featured Letters From the Yognau(gh)ts. The episode is named after one Yognau(gh)ts story about a mentally handicapped child who kidnapped a dwarf believing he was a troll.

Transcript Edit

There will be casual swearing involved. You have been warned.

Alex Arnoldsson: Good evening, and welcome.
You are listening to The YogPOOOOO-

With a bag of crisps I lay in bed
With a pair of phones strapped to my head
Testing a beta is all it takes
And soon I'll have the munchies for some Jaffa Cakes

If I mentioned Tina Barrett was my wife
I'd probably have to run for my life
Simon and Lewis are good and true
So just stay tuned for an hour or two

It's the YoGPoD
Shining knights in a world of fog
The YoGPoD
The undisputed World of Warcraft gods

Inside R2 was a tiny man
But even tiny men do the best they can
The whale shark was the biggest thing Lewis had seen
Any way he turned, it was still on his screen

Well Honeybeard and Honeybear were quite the pair
Before Honeybear ran off to Onyxia's lair
Sips was a man with big strong arms
At night, his campfire kept us all warm

It's the YoGPoD
Shining knights in a world of fog
The YoGPoD
And I have the BAAAAAAALLS!

This is Dave Exclamation-Mark Yognaut
And I
Have the balls
Have the balls
I have the baaall-s
I have the baa-aa-lls

Chicka-ta-pa-pa, pa-chicka-ta-pa-pa, pa-chicka-chicka-yogpod

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