Lewis Brindley

Lewis Brindley is founder of the Yogscast and the (formerly) BlueXephos YouTube channel. Lewis began making World of Warcraft "How to" videos in 2008, starring a number of his guildmates from "Ye Olde Goone Squade" - a guild that had begun on the Something Awful forums. In February 2009, Lewis produced the first YoGPoD, co-starring with Simon and Hannah.

Lewis is known for being the more sensible half of the dynamic duo consisting of Simon and himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Lewis went to King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford, Essex, with Joe Thomas, who played Simon in The Inbetweeners and the subsequent movies.
  • Lewis was nicknamed "Hat Boy" when in school, for wearing what Simon refers to as "that hat".
  • He and Simon met while playing WoW, though their first real-life encounter took place in a town in Gloucestershire that Simon was living in at the time.
  • Lewis has been electrocuted on at least three instances.
    • Firstly when he was climbing over an electric fence for his Duke of Edinburgh award, that caused him to convulse violently. Upon realising that his friends didn't want to jump the fence after watching him get electrocuted, Lewis then had to climb back over the fence to rejoin the group.
    • Secondly while in college when he was changing a light bulb. According to Lewis, none of his housemates could be bothered changing it themselves, so-much-so that they spent months using candles to light the bathroom. Eventually they decided to change the bulb and, while doing so, Lewis received 240 volts of mains electricity that caused him to get thrown off the stool he was standing on and lose consciousness. Even though Lewis' housemates were watching as he changed the bulb, none of them caught him.
    • Thirdly, Lewis' friend called Dave tasered and peppersprayed him upon his request.
  • Lewis once went LARPing with some friends. At the event, Lewis wore some rusty chainmail (that he borrowed from a friend) and wielded a spade. During the midst of one battle, someone began yelling "Everyone stop!" causing the two lines of fighters to split, only for the man to say "I've dropped my glasses." Upon finding his glasses, the fighting continued.
  • Lewis once introduced Simon to his uncle and became embarrassed when Simon said hello in his "creepy voice", causing him to blurt out "He doesn't normally talk like that! Do your real voice Simon!"

Quotes Edit

  • The thing is..."
  • "We're not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction!"
  • "It will be fine!"

Gallery Edit

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