This is a deep fat fryer, not unlike the one Simon's mate James owns.

James is the name of at least two of Simon's friends, though Simon joked that when he was in school all the boys he knew were called James, including himself, with the exception of his friend Jimmy. Lewis states that James was a common name during the time they were born, and that there must have been at least four James's in his class. Simon stated that his birthname is in-fact James, but he changed it to Simon by deed poll.

  • James (Housemate) - Simon's housemate who is mentioned a number of times throughout the podcast.
  • James - Simon's friend who lived in an old house where Simon received an electric shock.
  • James - Simon's friend who owns a deep fat fryer, which makes really nice chips. The story of the amazing deep fat fryer may have been told often as Hannah states "We've heard about the chips." (May well be Simon's housemate.)