Brick is a Warforged Fighter (although he's referred to as a 'Golem' by just about everyone, Lewis included) who starred as a main character in the first season of the YoGPoD Dungeons and Dragons specials (episodes 1 - 3). He is played by Lewis throughout the journey.

Biography Edit

While hunting some tomb robbers who had stolen an important and priceless artifact from his vault he encountered Madeowin, the mage, and Dylan, the bard, and joined them on their journey for success. After defeating the Heart Of Winter, Dylan was killed, and Brick and Madeowin were not on the best of terms since Madeowin had seared Barry with an unknown silver liquid (thought to be mercury) when trying to free them from a summoning circle. In retaliation Brick killed Madeowin's re-summonable spirit cat Bubbles. It is unknown what happened to the group after that (aside from Madeowin and a reanimated Bubbles who appeared in the second series of D&D), however Brick was last seen continuing his search for the tomb robbers with Barry.

Personality Edit

As a robotic entity, Brick struggles when it comes to social interactions. He seemingly has little understanding of social norms and speaks in a monotonous, robotic voice.

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